Investor Web Site Evaluation Judges

The distinguished ISETV panel of judges consists of four specialists from various fields of extra-terrestrial research.

Dr. Claus Horof, Director of ISETV. A history doctorate from Princeton University and a co-founder of ISETV, Dr. Claus Horof is uniquely qualified to evaluate the historical value of each web site.

Dr. Samantha Arthur, co-founder of ISETV. Dr. Arthur is a professor of parapsychology at New York University and specializes in field investigation of alien visitations, abductions, and sightings.

Trelix R. Saratreet, Los Angeles psychic. Trelix is an ailing Los Angeles psychic who believes aliens will visit the LA area on May 24, 1998. She used her extrasensory gifts to evaluate the transcendence of each web site.

Conrad Tolie, Xenomedical specialist. A self-taught microbiologist, Conrad has devoted his life to studying non-human organisms and evaluating their ability to self-organize. He has performed several hundred alien autopsies.

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